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Cost Saving

With minimum wage increasing, PAYE and NI costs on top of a wage, and the added strain of paying for pension costs, hiring a permanent employee is expensive. Using Milton Keynes Consulting removes all of those costs, so that what you see is what you pay!

Why Choose Milton Keynes Consulting?

With an Honours Degree in Psychology, having worked my way up from an Office Junior position to an Assistant Director between both the private and public sectors, I have the knowledge and experience to undertake any clerical task - from drafting a personal email, to sending that Letter Before Action. 

Based in Milton Keynes, being an established and published author, I know how to format your work to create the most professional look possible. 

Whether you require an email to be written, along with other administrative duties such as; copy typing, proofreading or legal letters being drafted to save money on lawyers fees, I can do it all. My experience is vast, my fees are incredibly competitive and there are no hidden costs with HMRC. 

Have you ever wondered how other businesses are so great at cost saving? They use companies like Milton Keynes Consulting! Give me a click and I will let you know how to save money for your business. Milton Keynes Consulting doesn't just support businesses and individuals within Milton Keynes. If you're based outside of Milton Keynes, I can still help!

If you don't see the service you require on my list, please ask! I will quote for any bespoke work.

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